Guide To Festival Of Stories – Getting Creative (Adults)

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Our Festival of Stories takes place over two days (September 16th & 17th) in Jedburgh. Here’s a quick guide through the weekend for those wanting to get creative. All these events are free to attend but you need to sign up to secure your place.


Writing Environment and History: Pear Trees and Place (SOLD OUT) takes place in Mary Queen Of Scots Garden at 11:30 and is a 90 minute session in ‘Eco-Poetry’ from which you will come away with some short pieces of writing, or a starting point for something bigger.

At 13:00 Storyteller James P Spence will run a workshop on storytelling techniques. Differing in key ways from writing stories, you’ll learn how to dig out your own tale, and different ways to tell it.


At 11:00 The Jedburgh Storyball kicks off at Heron & Willow, but will involve a walk around the town seeking inspiration and creating the beginnings of ideas, which will be formed into an actual physical ball to roll around the town!

At 13:30 Theresa Breslin will run a workshop on creative storywriting, with a particular look at writing for Children. A great chance to learn from a master of her form.

At 16:00 Mary W Craig, (SOLD OUT) author and historian, will run a creative session based on plotting and characterisation.

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