Submissions Open for The Book Of Jed

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We are working on a second issue of our zine The Book Of Jed and are opening up submissions to anyone interested in writing, illustrating or photographing for it.

We have a specific theme. The zine issue title will be “The Life & Times of Shearsmith McLeod.”

This person does not exist. We will create them with our stories. All I can tell you about Shearsmith is:

  • He is a man
  • He lived a long life and died recently
  • He lived some of his life in Jedburgh

Your brief is to tell a story from his life. It could be a short story, a poem, a script, a tribute, a police report, a newspaper story, a school report, a wikipedia entry…it could be about him or by him, or by someone he knew. It could be an illustration of him, or a photograph by or of him. It could be about any part of his life, anywhere in the world. He could be a nice man, a great man, a terrible man, a forgotten man…

Our contradictory reports of his life will create the larger picture!

Max word count = 500.

Please send your submissions before June 16th to

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