April Recommendations & Best Sellers

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Our first month was great fun and we’ve loved getting Heron & Willow up and running. Here we’ll share what has proved popular in the shop and what the three of us have been enjoying too. Click on any covers or titles to see them on our online shop.



It’s great to have seen the interest in local history and we’ll be expanding this section over the coming months. Borders Witch Hunt (Mary W. Craig) and Scottish Borders Folk Tales (James P. Spence) have both proved very popular, so much so that we’ve struggled to keep them in stock! We’re learnt to try to keep ourselves in good supply.

Both are very interesting and deeply researched reflections on Borders times past and absolutely worth picking up. 


We’re delighted at the level of interest in our stock of new vinyl records. There’s been a really wide spread of what people have dugout, but our two top sellers were Yard Act’s The Overload and Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

Our Reading


Book of the month: Weyward by Emilia Hart.

A very readable story with strong themes of sisterhood, the power of women and the men who would fear, control and punish those who step out of line: Weyward women. Told with the interlinking stories of three women throughout history and in the modern day, related and bound by what was perceived as witchcraft, this book is empowering and I found it hard to put down. Highly recommended. 

Notable mentions: 

The Melting by Lize Spit: Dry, vicious, funny, and in the end quite an horrific story of family, adolescent friendships and cruelty. A slow burner but nonetheless utterly captivating. 

Still Life by Sarah Winman: A sweeping tale set over a number of decades with overriding themes of friendship and art. A highly likeable cast of characters and a great read for a bit of uplifting escapism. 


Book of the month: Sea Bean by Sally Huband.

An autobiographical story of a woman’s move to Shetland with her family that sees her deal with physical and psychological difficulties by developing her passion for beachcoming, and the search for the elusive Sea Bean. It captures a real sense of melancholy and wonder in its vivid descriptions of barren, mostly empty landscapes; a celebration of the natural world but told in grounded language and ideas. 

Notable mentions:

Meantime by Frankie Boyle. Crime novels are not my usual cup of tea but I gave this a shot and found it an enjoyable tale, helped certainly by his way with a humorous simile and turn of phrase. 

Terrortome by Garth Marenghi. I finally dared to finish this triptych of terror from the master of horror. It will remain with me forever. 


Out and About Bird Spotter from National Trust.

I like this book because it has a Heron in it and a Pheasant. My favourite birds are Robins, Bluetits and a Bullfinch. I also have the book about Nocturnal animals!

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